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Non League to Grass Roots,
NLFA Support Footballers

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Our Ethos

The NLFA was formed to improve the structures within Non League Football and to be a cushion of support for all players from Non-league to grass roots, both men and women can become a memebr of the NLFA 

Our aims and objectives are to offer support, offer guidance if needed and a range of services to memebrs, players, coaches and support staff, also including the wider Non League community.The NLFA aims to offer the right representation with contracts and provide expert financial and legal assistance.

We also provide assistance with Financial education, deciding on a new career path and retraining in order for you to obtain fair and equitable treatment in every aspect of your life, (inside and outside of the game).As with much else in life, the course of a career seldom runs as smoothly as first envisaged. Disputes, disagreements and disappointments are very much a fact of life for players, coaches and support staff, just the same as anyone else. So we are here to support you. 

There is a strong emphasis on education and re-training so that members can plan for a future after their sporting career and gain the same benefits as those from within the professional game.

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