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Why Should I Join The NLFA?

The Non League Footballers Association (NLFA) support footballers at Conference level and all the way down the football pyramid. Both Men and Women can be a member of the NLFA, we also support VETS and Grass roots players by offering tailored products throguh specialist partners to help our members. The NLFA now have partners to be a cushion of support in many departments. Becoming a member with the NLFA gives you access to great features including: 
  • Player Recruitment Officer to work with on a new playing career in this country or abroad
  • Sports Legal Advice & Contract Specialists
  • Income Protection Policies for players of all ages.
  • Car Insurance partners
  • Low cost - Online Education Courses
  • Tax and Accountancy advice - First consulation is Free to NLFA members
  • Discounts on a host of products and services from our partners
  • Club offering - Business to Business club offering. Income and Revenue building partnerships available through Sport Life Network
  • 2-4-1 Golf Vouchers with the Belfry and Forest of Arden 
We hope the NLFA will be able to support you on your journey throughout football. NLFA Education partners 'Education through Sport' are providing members of the NLFA with many low cost education courses including Languages through football, such as learning to speak French, the course will give you many keys words and then take you in to football terminology, a fantastic way to learn another language. CV and Interview training courses at low cost

To join click here or to find out more information
contact the NLFA by email: enquiries@thenlfa.com
Follow us on Twitter: @thenlfa
Or join up for our limited membership as players

Now Available - Upgrade to the Players Directory to get noticed by managers around the country. This is a unique place for you to show your match clips and your playing career gdetails for managers of clubs to see. *The NLFA take no responsibility for false information on any such indivdual.* Its very important you add the correct information regarding contractual position.
NLFA Health Clinic
The NLFA Health Clinic specialises in providing one to one confidential intensive therapy for the treatment of psychosocial tensions of elite sportsmen and women across all areas of England. During the past 9 years we have had the pleasure of supporting and working alongside many high profile individuals from both the professional and amateur sporting world. We also deliver tailor made education seminars providing essential information to the individual which enables the client to make their own choices of lifestyle behaviour. Actual case studies are used in the seminars which can assist the audience in identifying certain behaviour traits and allows participants to take an honest look at themselves. The education seminars not only deliver education and advice about health issues but include training for individuals who may work with sportsmen and women so they may be able to identify signs and symptoms of a problem at an early stage.

To contact The NLFA Health Clinic, please call Julie Worsick - 07719 642 750 or email julie@nlfahealthclinic.com

Our aim is to:
  • Encourage members to understand, accept and overcome problems using an holistic approach which will enable players to make a positive change to their current situation.
  • Support members who may be having a change in career direction.
  • Encourage players to be aware of the new work/life balance regime.
  • Raise awareness of negative and positive health concerns that may emerge.
  • Educate the player so they can make more informed choices in relation to themselves, their career and their lifestyle.
  • Provide one to one support
  • Provide intensive tailor made preventative education programmes
  • Provide after care support when needed
We are very grateful to the PFA for their support and would like to remind any PFA members who require help or advice that they should contact the PFA Education Team on education@thepfa.co.uk or by calling the PFA Head Office on 0161 236 0637. 

Should you require any further information or would like to have an informal discussion please do not hesitate to contact us.

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“It is great to see the NLFA, with the help of Julie Worsick, setting up a Health Clinic for all non-league footballers. This can only be of benefit to their well-being. Well Done for taking lifestyles into account when trying to help these lads. Best Wishes.”
Paul Simpson, Manager of Stockport County Football Club
“All the very best to Julie in providing a specialist health clinic for the NLFA. The dedicated health clinic will be of great benefit to players moving in and out of the professional game. Well Done”.
Adam Collin, Carlisle United.

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