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As a health and sport science company we provide valuable information to aid the training, nutrition and recovery of professional and semi-professional athletes.

Our dexa (dual energy x-ray) scanner can provide detailed body composition information about individuals that allows you to measure, monitor and improve their lean mass, bone health and fat mass. No other test is as accurate or consistent. This level of testing is used by LFC, Chelsea and Arsenal with all their players throughout the season. 

It is particularly useful for rehab with players to ensure that programmes are minting players at their best level and the muscle atrophy and fat product are minimised.

We also advocate the use of cardio coach Vo2 testing (gold standard for fitness and exercise metabolism) and resting metabolic rate testing to fully inform nutrition planning and ensure athletes are consuming the right levels of macronutrients to deliver top class performance.

These services are currently the mainstay of research institutions but at Dexa Health we are brining offering this to a wide range of clients from a convenient location in North Liverpool.

We are open to retainer contracts or one off purchase of products but feel the real value in these tests is to constantly monitor your athletes throughout their season. 3 times per year with Vo2 and 3 x per year with Dexa. 

All testing done by our team of Doctors, nurses and sports scientists. 

For more information please contact:

Tel: 0800 043 0039

We also offer nutrition and training planning if required.

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