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SportLife Network

SportLife Network
We would like to inform you of a new partnership of the NLFA with Sport Life Network and Plus Cover. 

The NLFA believe that we can bring revenue into your club and at no cost to you financially, possibly just some time to talk to our business development guys to show you how the model works. This can be done over the telephone, or conference call. 

We would like you to have your players, right through the club as members of the NLFA, again at no cost, but for the club to receive a benefit , they do need them signed up, which requires your help. It's very easy, they go to the NLFA website - www.thenlfa.com and join through the membership page, where they will receive a membership number. The players can be from the men and women teams. The more players the better the revenue, you will sit under a club banner and each member can bring revenue to the club. 

If this is of interest to you and would like more information, plse email the NLFA at enquiries@thenlfa.com, send us a contact number and person of contact.Below is an outline of the many services we can offer to you, your players and fans.

Club offering

Commercial Insurances – bespoke insurances for the club tailored to their needs from some of the largest insurers who we have dealings at board level 
Revenue stream – through fan based benefits portal and card
Social media awareness and increase coverage through our in-house media company
Web design and promotional services
Fleet Insurance and vehicle sourcing at discounted rates
Fleet assistance 
Player and fan benefits as listed below
Engagement with their current sponsors – we will have meetings with their current sponsors to put their services onto a platform that will then be offered to the fans using the white labelled fan cards. This is far better than just having sponsors with boards around a playing pitch and also will generate revenue back to the club and sponsors. (on the plus cover platform)
Special event days – bringing ex professional and tv stars to the ground to play or to be a host to raise revenue for the club and promote club awareness.
Memorabilia – for the club – all signed and with photo evidence with the person who signed them. For events to raise money for the club.
Day to day concierge to assist the club to run its business - i.e. If a player breaks down in his vehicle or the club need a hire car etc then we can supply these at trade rates.
Fan giveaways to promote sales

Player offering

Income Protection – bespoke income protection to protect the players in case of injury and loss if income 
Fiancial advisors for Pensions and life planning
Asset management - Financial planning - Family cover
Discreet personal service - Free Club card with benefits attached - Mechanical breakdown cover
Personal Insurance services – bespoke insurance services for the players that is tailored to professional sports people
Confidential Concierge service – 24 – 7 Purchase insurance, MOT, Servicing, Tyres, Household insurance, accident assistance, income protection, hire, travel insurance, mobile phones, holidays and cruises, hotel bookings and clothing etc.
Vehicle sourcing – leasing and purchase

Fan Base offering

White labelled benefit card - fans will have access to a host of benefits including current club sponsors ( links the signage on the ground to a web based purchase portal). Provided by SLN for free

24 – 7 assistance help line for all motoring needs – assists fans on away days to get to and from the match. Also available at any time if they need assistance.
SLN – will source new products for the fans to create revenue for the club – all new products to be cleared by the club beforehand.
Concierge service similar to the players with same offerings without the high net worth confidentiality. 
Hire facility at trade prices – ideal for fans wishing to go away to matches.
Monthly prize draw donated by the sponsors for marketing purposes
Memorabilia sales – club can advertise on the web portal to create a revenue stream

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